Saturday, November 10, 2007

Update on Nick

Hello y'all! Just wanted you to know Nick is being transferred to a rehab facility today. They'll provide psychological counseling to help deal with the loss of his 4 friends. Also some physical therapy for his right arm. Although they aren't very confident he'll ever have much use of it again.

We appreciate your continued prayers for his recovery and for the families who lost their children.


Heather said...

Prayers going out to your nephew. We lost 4 seniors from my high school class (+1 from a neighboring school) to a car accident 3 weeks before graduation and my classmates and I carry it with us.

Debbie in WA State said...

How is Nick doing? This ws a first to visit your blog-used a link from SCS to get here. I read the awful news on your nephew and just want you to know there are prayers going out to him and all involved from WA State-hope he is healing well.