Monday, November 5, 2007

Prayers Please

Today I'm sending out a prayer request.

My nephew, age 17, was in a terrible auto accident this past Saturday night. He was with 5 other friends, all seniors in high school. Three, including the driver, were pronounced dead at the scene, one died later at the hospital. Another boy and my nephew are in the hospital. My nephew has a punctured lung, broken ribs, 2 broken cheek bones, and a broken shoulder blade.

I ask that you pray for the families who have lost their children. And please pray for healing for my nephew and his friend. This will be a long hard recovery for all involved.

Daily Thought from "Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers." -- Alfred Lord Tennyson


clew said...

Oh my, how tragic. I'll defintely remember all who are affected in my prayers.

*Hugs*, my friend. Keep me posted.

martie said...

I read about this type of thing happening all to frequently lately. I will defintely pray for the families that have suffered such a tremendous loss and for healing for your nephew and his friend!

Hang in there!

Hugs and please let us know how it goes.

Tex said...

You are sooo right. It is a long road to hopeful emotional recovery. The physical recovery seems so much easier. My family has experienced this .. long, long ago .. yet the memories are as though it is fresh. I'm on your Prayer team. Prayer DOES affect outcomes!