Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Latest on Nick...

Thank you all so much for your prayers and concern. Nick was in rehab less than a week. To say we're disappointed is a major understatement. He has no use of his right arm. There is talk of surgery, but later. Not sure why "later", but at least there is talk.

Now that he's home, grandparents are taking turns staying at the house with him. Remember, his Mom died from lung cancer last Thankskgiving, so Chris has to work. Anyway, they have to stay with him because apparently his judgement is not very well due to his head trauma. I have no idea what this means for his ability to graduate HS this year. He also had a promising catering business that was doing extremely well.

SO.......that's all I know today. We thank you all for your continued prayers. Have a happy turkey day and remember to give thanks for all you have. Hug someone you haven't hugged in awhile -- you know, that impossible in-law, meddling aunt, obnoxious cousin who loves to remind you of that embarrasing time when...... Well I'm sure you get the idea. I know we're thankful that Nick is still with us.

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Joan B said...

What a horrible thing for your nephew. To lose his Mom and his 4 friends and his health. My very best wishes for him!