Saturday, February 9, 2008

Good Sport

Dana's always wanted to take tennis. Unfortunately it never worked with her gymnastics schedule. Let's face it, when you're already practicing for 12-15 hrs/wk, there's not much room for anything else.

This year she had the chance to play on her middle school tennis team. I let her try, she got on, and now the tennis-gym tango is in full swing. Luckily it's after school and her coach is very flexible, letting her practice with the 8th graders as they practice the only 2 weekdays she doesn't have gym. Of course she will miss some gym for some games, but nothing major. If she can't play one week, we just let her tennis coach know. There are plenty of girls on the team and not everyone will get to play every time anyway.

Here are pictures from her first 2 games. She won the 1st game 4-2 in doubles. She lost the 2nd game 0-6, but she did actually improve. May not make sense, guess you kinda had to be there! ;)


martie said...

The older they get, the busier they become. The busier they become, the more of a chauffer moms' become. Goes with the territory.........good luck with all the juggling! LOL

JenniferL. said...

I love tennis, I so want my daughter to play. I think I may sign her up for lessons this summer. She is 8. Good Luck to your kids.