Sunday, February 10, 2008

Bragging Rights - PROUD MOM ALERT!!!

Dana brought home a letter from school Friday. She's being considered for the National Junior Honor Society! It's for students with a 5.5+ GPA. She has to submit a form with all her activities and then they'll make a decision.

Keep your fingers crossed!


clew said...

Yay, Dana!!! 5.5? I thought it only went up to 4.0. Have they changed things that much since we were whippersnappers?

Speaking of whippersnapper, I got your CUTE birthday card this weekend, thanks so much sweet friend. I love it & I love YOU! XXOO

martie said...

You should be bragging and you have every right to.....what an accomplishment for Dana! And know what? It says a lot for you two as parents! Yeah for Dana, yeah for Mom and Dad!