Thursday, October 25, 2007

Look what followed us home, Mom!

Well he didn't exactly follow them home, they were already home. I went out last night to tell the girls dinner was ready and found them petting him. Dana was also on her cell phone. She found the phone number for the vet on his rabies tag. Unfortunately the tag is from 2005 and they weren't able to track it.

Any fear I had about them being with a strange dog quickly vanished as he was clearly ready for belly rubs. Any takers? It seems belly rubs are his "gift"! He is very sweet and well trained. He won't come into the house, but he has managed to get 2 paws in and look around. Maybe it's the tile floor?
The girls would love to keep him, but as sweeet as he is, I'm sure someone is missing him! I put up signs last night. If someone can pass my quiz, well then he'll be going back to his house. That will be a happy/sad moment.

Any guesses as to his breed? I'm guessing lab/shepherd.

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martie said...

Yup......looks like a lab/shepard mix to me too! I LOVE dogs! Hope he finds his owners and can return home (if it's a good one)!

You're kind to look after him in the meantime. And in my book, anyone who loves dogs can't be half bad....(besides, Clew says you're A-OK!) ;)