Monday, October 22, 2007

Busy weekend...

To say this was a busy weekend would be a major understatement.

Friday night was another SAGA skills meet for Sarah in New Braunfels. It didn't start very well because she bent her 2nd toe back and was in a lot of pain. But she was a trooper. She iced it in-between events and did her best. She ended the night with 5 red ribbons (2nd place). BTW, she now has a bruised toe and foot. I'll try to get a picture to post (edit: see bottom of this posting). We got home around 9:30 pm.

Saturday morning Sarah had soccer pictures at 9:30 am. Her Dad tried taping her toe for stability. But the poor kid was in a lot of pain. The Motrin wasn't working. During the game she played back defense. I felt so sorry for her - hobbling around trying to get to the ball. She did get in some great kicks. Good thing her right foot is in good shape!

Saturday night was Dana's gym meet in Austin. We left early and met her team for an early dinner at Red Robin. The meet went really well and the girls had a great time. Dana got 8's on Beam, Floor, and Vault. Just nevermind about Bars ~ LOL! We got home around 11:30 pm.

At the end of the competition the girls had fun dancing. They did the Electric Stomp (ok I don't reallyl know what it's called, so we'll call it this for now) and the Macarena. Even their coach, Sandee, joined in the fun!

Sunday I slept in until 10:05 am!!! I did manage to get the pile of clothes in Sarah's room hung up. That was my main goal and I'm feeling much better about mself as a Mom now! Hubby took down our deck in the back to make way for the bricked patio we'll be putting in. Dang it, I should have gotten a before picture. Oh well. Here's how it looks now:

I'll post more pictures as more work gets done.

Here's her foot. It may be difficult to see, but there's bruising between the 1st and 2nd knuckles on her 2nd toe and on the top of her toe. No really, it's there!


clew said...

Hey lady!

Looks like things have been busy there! Hope your baby's toe feels better soon.

Looking forward to what's to come here! Love you lots ~

80's forever! :)

martie said...

Hey! Clew told me about your blog........any friend of hers is alright in my book..........very interesting read........but as a Grandma (Mema is what they call me) I love reading about family life! I'll be back.

I spent almost two weeks in Dallas the first part of this month.......a lot greener than I thought Texas would be!

I'll be back.......;)