Friday, August 8, 2008

Sad news

Unfortunately, we were unable to keep Speedy. We found out he had heartworm. Probably because his previous owners never had him checked! Can you believe that?!? I'm more angry than anything else. I did notice that he didn't have a lot of energy, slept a lot, and this morning he was coughing a LOT. That's not a good sign. Unfortunately there are too many risks associated with treatment, and no guaratees it'll work, for us to spend $800-1000, so we left it up to his previous owner to do the right thing. It's their mess, they needed to deal with it. Poor little guy.

Please have your pets checked and give them the appropriate preventative!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi there, I read your post and wanted you to know that while the treatment can be risky, it rarely is esp. for such a young dog. If the family hasn't euthanized him (he was such a sweet looking boy) perhaps they can contact one or all of the 3 rat terrier rescues explain they are military and relocating, and see if they can help. It's a wonderful devoted community..
Ratbone Rescues, Rat Terrier ResQ and American Rat Terrier Rescue Association. That's such a shame as it is so easily prevented...